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Community Safety

Partnership Strategy

The South Worcestershire Community Safety Partnership, of which Wychavon is a member, has adopted four strategic aims. The aims and information about them are set out below.

Reduce Crime

Crime in South Worcestershire is relatively low but we want to reduce all types of crime even further. In particular, we will take action to reduce:

  • The number of prolific and other priority offenders
  • Acquisitive crimes such as burglary and vehicle crimes
  • Violent crimes, especially those involving alcohol and domestic violence
  • Vandalism
  • Crime in hotspot areas

Provide Reassurance

Crime is relatively low and still falling in South Worcestershire but many people believe that crime is much worse than it is. We will provide reassurance by:

  • Making sure you know what is happening in your area
  • Providing a ‘visible presence' through our Neighbourhood Wardens and Police Community Support Officers
  • Promoting community wellbeing by supporting initiatives aimed at improving fire, home, road and water safety

Tackle Anti-Social Behaviour & Disorder

You told us that anti-social behaviour, both in town centres and local neighbourhoods, is one of your main concerns. We will continue to:

  • Focus on prevention and diversion of anti-social behaviour by providing activities for young people and tackling problem locations
  • Use the full range of enforcement legislation available, including ASBOs
  • Use our Anti-Social Behaviour Detached Team which provides a rapid response to incidents involving young people
  • Improve joint working among all relevant agencies to make sure that those suffering from anti-social behaviour get the best possible service.

Reduce The Harm Caused By Drugs & Alcohol

We know it is important to tackle drug and alcohol issues, especially as they often cause both crime and anti-social behaviour. We will work with the county-wide Worcestershire Substance Misuse Action Team to:

  • Reduce drug related deaths and drug related ill health
  • Reduce drug and alcohol related crime and disorder
  • Reduce social and education exclusion
  • Improve access to drug and alcohol treatment and support
  • Increase positive outcomes from drug and alcohol treatment

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