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List of Election Results

In this section you will find the following information:

On this page you will find our most recent election results. If the result you are after is not shown on this page then please contact our elections team by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Evesham South District Ward By-election 10 August 2023

pdf Declaration of Result of Poll  (17 KB)

Wychavon District Council 4 May 2023

pdf Wychavon District Council election results 4 May 2023 (3.87 MB)

Voter ID and turnout figures

Across our area 22,147 people voted at 103 polling stations on 4 May. 

Figures show while 28 people were initially turned away for not having photo ID, 17 returned with acceptable ID and were able to vote. This means 11 people who tried to vote in a polling station were not given a ballot paper because they did not meet the new voter ID requirements or 0.05%.

In total 33,422 people, including those who voted by post, voted in the Wychavon District Council election held on 4 May. This was a turnout of 32.53%. 

Parish and town councils 4 May 2023

pdf Parish and town council elections results in Wychavon 4 May 2023 (3.32 MB)

In total 13,450 people, including those who voted by post, voted in parish and town council elections in Wychavon on 4 May 2023. This was a turnout of 28.13%.

Uncontested parish and town councils 4 May 2023

In some town and parish council areas no vote was held because the number of candidates standing for election did not exceed the number of seats available. Anyone nominated for election in these areas was automatically elected without a poll taking place.

pdf Read the list of parish and town councillors elected in uncontested elections for 4 May 2023. (369 KB)

Worcestershire County Council (Wychavon Divisions) 6 May 2021

For the full results please visit the Worcestershire County Council election pages

West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner 6 May 2021

This election should have taken place in May 2020 but was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can also see the result, and more information about the West Mercia PCC election, on the Shropshire Council website.

Mid Worcestershire Constituency (UK General Election) 12 December 2019

pdf UK Parliamentary General Election Result – Mid Worcestershire (16 KB)