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Parking, Streets and Toilets

Apply for Parking Dispensations

In this section you will find the following information:

We can allow you to park your commercial vehicle in areas which have parking restrictions in place (resident permit bays, loading bays), if the need to park is important. 

A parking dispensation is usually issued when we are satisfied that the individual or company needs to have regular access to a vehicle to help with their work, such as to collect materials or tools.

Reasons we would grant a dispensation include:

  • Emergency works
  • Building works
  • Essential renovations where it is necessary to have the vehicle close to the location

Apply for a Parking Dispensation

The cost is £5 per vehicle per day. Charging starts from the first day of the dispensation. You must apply at least 7 days before you want the dispensation to start.

You can apply for a parking dispensation using our online parking portal

If you want to speak to a member of the team before you apply for a dispensation then please call 01386 565009, between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday

Parking Dispensation conditions of use

If you do not follow the conditions of use then your dispensation will be removed.

  1. The dispensation is valid only for the period and purposes shown
  2. The vehicle(s) the dispensation has been issued to must be in the place stated for work purposes only. The dispensation does not allow general parking anywhere, including in the place stated.
  3. The dispensation does not give permission for materials or goods to be placed on the public highway
  4. Any items removed from the vehicle must not be passed across a path or road in a way that will pose a safety risk to pedestrians or other vehicles.
  5. The vehicle(s) must be parked safely at all times and must not block access to side roads or nearby premises.
  6. The vehicle(s) must be moved if you are asked to do so by a Police Officer, Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) or other council official authorised by Wychavon District Council.

CEOs will be aware of all dispensations issued in their patrol area. If they find a dispensation being misused it will be cancelled immediately. Your vehicle must not be causing an obstruction at any time.

Data protection and privacy

We will hold, process and store your information in accordance with Data Protection Law. For more information please see our Privacy Notice.