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Parking, Streets and Toilets

Parking Restrictions

In this section you will find the following information:

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It is the responsibility of the driver to make sure that the vehicle is parked according to street parking regulations. We encourage motorists to check the area for road markings and signs before leaving the vehicle, to ensure that parking regulations are followed at all times.

Please be aware that if your vehicle is parked in breach of the parking regulations, you should expect to receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Car Parks

The Notice Board in the car park will tell you the conditions of use. Please see below for some of our off-street parking regulations:

Pay and display ticket

A valid pay and display ticket is required for permitted parking in the car parks. The pay and display ticket must be purchased on arrival and must be clearly displayed in the windscreen. We encourage you to purchase a longer parking time to avoid any unexpected delays, if you are unsure of how long you will need to park.

Parking bays

Please ensure that the vehicle is parked within the markings of a bay. Parking over two bays or parking in an area of the car park which was not designed for vehicles to park, may cause problems or be a safety hazard to other motorists.

  • Motorhomes

We appreciate that there may be motorists that would like to park their motorhomes in our car parks. If a motorhome is parked in the car park, it must be parked within two bays and must clearly display two valid pay and display tickets for the duration of your stay. 

  • Designated motorcycle and coach bays

These bays have been designed to accommodate motorcycles or coaches only. The bays are clearly marked to stipulate the permitted vehicle. Parking is free for motorcycles and coaches as long as they are parked in the designated areas. 

On Street Parking

Always check the surrounding area for signs and road markings before leaving the vehicle. Please see below for some of our on- street parking regulations.

Yellow lines

Parking is not permitted on a single or double yellow line during the hours of restriction unless continuous loading and unloading is taking place or a passenger is boarding or leaving a vehicle. The vehicle must not be causing an obstruction and must be parked safely, if loading and unloading is taking place (however not if a loading ban is in place). Always check the street signs for clarification.

Bay Parking

  • Limited waiting bays

These bays are limited to a particular length of time during the hours of operation. Please check the sign for details.

  • Goods vehicle loading bays

For the use of goods vehicles only. The sign will clearly state the times of use and any vehicle that is not classed as a goods vehicle should expect to receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

  • Residents parking bays

A valid permit should be displayed on the dashboard by residents only. Vehicles that are parked in a residents only parking bay without clearly displaying a valid permit should expect to receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

  • Motorcycle bays

Motorcycle bays must remain available for motorcycles only. Any vehicle that has parked in a motorcycle bay that is not classed as a motorcycle should expect to receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

For more information on specific on-street parking regulations in Worcestershire, please view Worcestershire County Council Highway's GIS (Geographic Information System) Map and choose the parking restriction layer. (Please be patient while the GIS loads - due to the complexity of the system, it may take several seconds for the maps to be retrieved.)