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Local Land Charges Frequently Asked Questions

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Local Land Charges Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions including links to internal webpages and external websites.

What are your current fees?

Please check the Local Land Charges Search Fees page.

How can I submit a search to Wychavon District Council?

We accept searches online.

Apply online

Alternatively, if you are unable to apply online searches can be accepted by post, DX or the National Land Information Service (NLIS).

How is the information held?

All our information has been captured onto our Geographical Information System (GIS).

Can I access actual files and documents?

Our information is given to you in the same format as it is held and provided to the Local Land Charges Department, captured onto our GIS system. Public Registers and public documents are now generally held electronically, some can be accessed on our web site or supplied by email.

Can information required to answer the Con29 be purchased on a question by question basis?


Is the information only available during set times and is an appointment procedure in place?

No. Most information is now available on our web site through our online maps.

Does Wychavon accept client cheques?

No, however we can take payment by debit or credit card over the phone.

Can I expedite a search?

We do not offer an expedited service as over 97% of our searches are completed within 2 working days, however should you have any specific requirements we will always try to ensure we can meet these. Please call us before submitting the search if you wish to bring anything important to our attention.

Does Wychavon District Council carry out the drainage search?

No, you will need to request a search from Severn Trent Water Searches

My question is not listed above, who do I contact?

Email any questions you may have to the Local Land Charges team direct, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call them on 01386 565317 or 01386 565485

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