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Personal Search and CON29

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Personal Search and CON29

Further to the Government's instruction that the fee for a personal search of the Register has been revoked this Authority, as from 17 August 2010, will permit free inspection of the Local Land Charges Register and CON29 data on Wychavon District Council's Local Land Charges portal.

From July 2017 Wychavon District Council has permitted unrestricted inspection of the Local Land Charges Register and CON 29 data, originating from the local authority, on our Local Land Charges portal, which is freely available via our online maps.

There are guidance notes ( pdf Terms & Conditions  (203 KB) and pdf Hints & Tips (420 KB) ) that you are advised to read before using the site for the first time.

Please note that this portal will only show data that is held by Wychavon District Council and for any other replies you will still need to contact: South Worcestershire Building Control, Worcestershire County Council Highways Department and Severn Trent Water Authority for replies to Building Regulations, highways, water, etc.

Requests to inspect any other environmental data which is not on our online maps will be dealt with separately and in accordance with the Environmental Information Regulations ('EIR'), i.e. inspection will be permitted unless it is reasonable to provide access in an alternative format.

As and when arrangement for accessing data are altered we shall publish this on our website.  Please note that it is not necessarily the case that if an official search can be provided with 2 working days, then any request for access to the same data must be provided within 2 working days.  The timescales by which access can be provided under a personal search will depend on the data requested and the manner in which it is to be accessed (i.e. inspection or copies).

It is permissible to make notes when inspecting environmental data in situ.

The EIR permit a reasonable charge to be made for the supply of environmental information. Therefore, if you request copies of entries on the LLC register or other environmental data by way of letter, these will be supplied and charged for in accordance with the EIR, i.e. the charges will not exceed an amount which the authority is satisfied is a reasonable amount [Regulation 8(3)].

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