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Waste and Recycling

Wychavon Bin Collection Lorries

Waste and Recycling services

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have a question? We have an answer.

My bin has not been emptied, what should I do?

Check to make sure the bin was due to be collected using our bin round lookup: Bin Round Lookup. If your bin was due to be collected, was it out by 7am? Was the right bin put out? Was a sticker left on your bin advising why it wasn’t collected?

If the correct bin was presented by 7am and no sticker was left on your bin, please report a missed bin: Waste and Recycling Services.

I have been told that my bin is contaminated. What can I do now?

Remove the contamination from your bin and present it for collection on your next collection day. You can take any additional waste to your local Household Recycling Centre - Household Recycling Centres | Worcestershire County Council.

What if my bin is lost damaged or stolen?

You can report that your bin is damaged or lost (and anything else waste and recycling related) online using our Waste and Recycling Services page.

What can I put in my black and green bins?

Use our recycling search to find out what goes in which colour bin.

Recycling Search 

Plastic bottles and packaging (except black plastic), cans, tins, paper, card, glass bottles and jars can go in your green bin. Nappies do NOT go in your green bin.

Can I have another black bin?

No. Each household is entitled to one black waste bin. Some households have managed to gain a second bin over the years and we are currently undertaking a project to remove these bins. If you meet a certain criteria, you may be entitled to a larger 240 litre bin but most households are entitled to a 180 litre black waste bin. If you believe you meet the criteria, you can request a larger bin using our Waste and Recycling Services page.

Can I have another green bin?

We do allow residents to have an additional green recycling bin and this can be requested using our Waste and Recycling Services page.

Can I leave black sacks at the side of my bin for collection?

No. Excess waste must be disposed of at one of the Household Waste and Recycling Centres. We do allow additional bags to be collected over the Christmas period.

What can I do to prevent maggots in my bin?

Keeping your bin clean with the lid closed should prevent maggots. Food waste should be wrapped prior to disposal.

I have trouble moving my wheelie bins, can I get help?

You can request an assisted collection, if you are unable to move your wheelie bins yourself. This can be done using our Waste and Recycling Services page.

Will the Council clean my bin?

It is your responsibility to clean your bin. We do not offer a cleaning service or recommend any companies that carry out a service like this.

Sort It Out! Game

Try our new, fun and interactive waste sorting game Sort It Out! 

Challenge yourself on how to recycle or dispose of materials correctly ranging from aluminium foil and egg shells to batteries and plastic bags.

Simply drag and drop the material to the stream of your choice, you’ll soon learn how much you really know.

Complete the levels successfully and you can select a special prize to help build your own digital park.

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