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Waste and Recycling


Slices of bread on an orange background and the words Toast me, freeze me, save me from the bin#UseYourLoaf to help cut down on the 20 million slices of bread wasted each day!

Whether it’s sourdough, wholegrain or just plain old white, everyone has their favourite bread.

Did you know that each day in the UK we throw away 20 million bread slices? That’s the same as throwing away 1,000,000 loaves a day.

We’ve got plenty of ways to help you #UseYourLoaf. Check out all the ways to save below.

How to store bread like a pro

Want to love your loaves for longer? Store your bread the right way to cut down the amount wasted, by following our top tips below:

  • Location, location, location - Store your bread in the original packaging in a cool, dark and dry location (e.g. a cupboard or bread bin).
  • No to the fridge - Don’t keep bread in the fridge, as it will go stale sooner!
  • Best before dates – Packaged bread can often be eaten up to a week after its best before date. Unless it’s gone mouldy!
  • Freeze it – All bread can be frozen and stored for longer. Defrost it when you need a slice or even pop it straight into the toaster.

Recipes to get you b-ready to use up your loaves!

Bread can be used in lots of creative meals and can be a great way of preventing stale bread from going into the bin.

Why not check out the video recipe below for Overnight Pecan and Pear French Toast (opens new window) – a deliciously decadent breakfast and brunch treat using leftover bread.


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