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Waste and Recycling


We collect thousands of tonnes of recycling from homes every year but we know we can do more.

Research shows about 55% of homes across the UK put one or two items in their general rubbish which could be recycled.

Recycling is important to help protect our planet’s natural resources and to help fight climate change.

Making sure you put the right type of item in your green recycling bin or clear sack also matters. If you put something in your green bin or clear sack that can’t be recycled this is called contamination.

In 2019/20 contamination cost Wychavon taxpayers £240,000. If a recycling bin is heavily contaminated then this could affect everyone else’s recycling when it is tipped in the back of the collection truck.

The information on this page will help you get your recycling right and to recycle a much as you can.

Recycling using your green bin/clear sack

Find out what can go into your green bin/clear sack on the let's waste less website.

Our A to Z recycling guide

If there is a specific item you would like to know how to recycle then check out our A to Z recycling guide.

Other recycling

There are many other items that can be recycled even though they cannot go in your green bin. Some of these are listed on this page.

If you have a question about a particular item then you can search the A to Z recycling guide.

Coffee pods

We have sadly had to remove our coffee pod recycling bins. They were originally created to allow people to recycle the traditional style coffee pods. But as coffee pod technology has moved on, we have struggled in recent years to find companies to recycle them through our usual routes. Most modern coffee machine/pod manufacturers are also now providing their own coffee pod recycling schemes or they can be accessed through, meaning there is less demand for our coffee pod recycling bins.

The good news is we are working with our contractor to look at how we can provide an alternative coffee pod recycling service, possibly from the kerbside.

In the meantime, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you would like more information about how to recycle your coffee pods in the future then please use our Right Waste, Right Place search tool at

Please do not put coffee pods in your green recycling bin at home as this will contaminate the rest of your recycling

Soft plastics

You can only recycle plastic pots, tubs, bottles and trays in your green bin/clear sack. But other types of plastic are accepted at in the carrier bag recycling points at larger supermarkets. The types of plastic accepted include frozen food packaging (such as the type used for frozen chips), toilet roll packaging, bread bags and more. Check in-store for details.

Supermarket recycling

As well as soft plastics your local supermarket accepts all sorts of other recyclable items. These include light bulbs, printer ink cartridges and crisp packets. The type of item accepted is different in each store. The next time you go shopping look out for what can be recycled or ask a member of staff.


Terracycle is a company that specialises in recycling a range of items that cannot be accepted in your green bin/clear sack. Many of these schemes have local collection points. Visit the terracyle website for more information.


Batteries can be recycled in most supermarkets and some larger retailers. You can also put them in a plastic bag on top of your black bin. Our collection crews will then put them in a separate cage on the collection vehicle and take them for recycling.

Find out more about recycling your batteries from the kerbside.

Electrical items

Anything with a battery, plug or a crossed out wheeled bin logo on it can be recycled.

Electrical items should never be put in with your rubbish or recycling.

Small electrical items can be placed on top of your black bin. Our collection crews will then put them in a separate cage on the collection vehicle and take them for recycling.

Find out more about recycling small electrical items from the kerbside.


Good quality clothing and other textiles should be sold online or donated to charity shops, friends or family.

You can also use textile banks at Household Recycling Centres (tips). Textiles such as clothing, bed sheets and towels can be put in a carrier bag next to your black bin and our Textiles such as clothing, bed sheets and towels.

Find out more about recycling textiles from the kerbside.

Recycling banks

You can recycle paper, card, glass and cans at our recycling banks. Our recycling bank sites are below:

Beckford, Wildlife Rescue Centre
Bredons Hardwick, Croft Farm Leisure & Water Park
Broadway, Milestone Car Park
Cookhill, The Neville Arms PH
Crowle, The Old Chequers PH
Droitwich Hadzor, Gaudet Luce Golf Club
Droitwich, Mulberry Hill Shops
Droitwich, Ricketts Lane Car Park
Droitwich, Morrisons Car Park
Droitwich, The Dovey PH
Droitwich, The Pillar of Salt PH
Droitwich, Westlands
Eckington, Recreation Field
Evesham, Burford Road
Evesham, Sports Club, Blind Lane
Evesham, Oat Street
Evesham, Tescos
Evesham, Morrisons
Evesham, The Valley (Twyford)
Evesham, Hampton Working Mens Club
Fladbury, The Chequers PH
Hadley, The Bowling Green Inn
Hanbury, Jinney Ring Centre
Himbleton, The Galton Arms PH
Inkberrow, Village Hall Car Park
Offenham, The Fish & Anchor PH
Ombersley Golf Club, Bishops Wood Lane
Ombersley, The Crown & Sandys PH
Pebworth, The Masons Arms PH
Pershore, High Street Car Park
Pershore, Horticultural College
Pershore, Co-Op Supermarket
Upton Snodsbury, The Royal Oak PH
Wickhamford, Coombefield Road
Wychbold, The Crown PH
Wychbold, British Legion Social Club
Wychbold, Webbs Garden Centre

Activities to download

We have created some fun activities for our younger residents to help get them interested in recycling and learning more about living sustainably.

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